We offer professional services in mobile computing, networking database development and data base management. Our vast knowledge and experience within our industry has helped Simply Mobile build up an enviable customer base.

As well as offering our off the shelf solution, Simspect, Simply Mobile offer a full range of software development services in many sectors of industry, these include:

      - Customised Software

       Simply Mobile have skills in a multitude of software development platforms including PocketPC, ANDROID, iPhone, .NET, SQL and other application environments

     - Turnkey Solutions

     When developing applications for our clients, we are very conscious of the environment they will be used in. Simply Mobile has the experience to design Turnkey solutions for a number of markets, including Transport, Retail and Industrial users

     - System Integration

     When designing solutions for our clients, we need to understand the hardware infrastructure where they will be used. This allows Simply Mobile to offer a fully integrated solution including the purchase, installation and set up of systems and technologies best suited to maximise your investment in the application development. Technologies such as bar codes (2D and 3D)and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification ) allow for the affordable, easy tracking and monitoring of company assets.  Using our expertise in bar coding and RFID in addition to other technologies, Simply Mobile can save you money by reducing the amount of time spent monitoring and tracing your companies assets whilst increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the information held about them

     - Consultancy Services

      Key to any successful mobile application is a thorough understanding of the clients problems so we can develop the best solution. Over the years, we have built up a wealth of experience, experience we
pass onto our customers ensuring your solution gives you the competitive advantage.

      - Contact us to see how we can Simply save you time and money.